CD Album

emortional & relaxing track number 4 "The corridor of foreigner". (Sony music 1999)
image 2 (duex)
emortional & relaxing track number 7 "Chines mysterious venus". (Sony music 2000)


Shougakukan DVD BOOK NHK World heritage 100. 2005-

(composed over 100 soundscapes)


2012年 NHK International broadcasting BS1"Asia Insight" (Theme and Avant track)
2010年 NHK International broadcasting"ChinaWow!" (Theme and Avant track)
2009年 NHK BS HD"A New Chinese poetry journey"(BGM)
2008年 NHK BS1"All about Beijing" (Theme and whole tracs)
2007年 NHK BS1 "Visit the Japanese Castle with Ryotarou Shiba" (BGM)
NHK Educational and Discovery channel "Search for a New Kung fu star " (Theme and whole tracs)
2006年 NHK International broadcasting "Insight & Foresight" (Theme)
2003年 NHK BS HD Special
"Migrant ship to Shanghai(Huge Project San Xia Dam and the farmers)"(Theme and intermission )
2002年 NHK Kyushu "Kyusyu and Okinawa Encore Hour" (Theme)
2001年 NHK BS HD Special "The invitation to Asian Resort" (Theme and intermission)
NHK BS HD Special "Mountain Railways of the World" (Theme and intermission)
2000年 TV Asahi "Chines mysterious venus" (Theme)
1999年 NHK Special "2000km journey to corridor of foreigner" (Theme and whole tracs)